Friday, May 18, 2012


Before I start this post.....I have to say a few things......
To my dear friend Jutta at Organized Living Solutions please close your eyes!  And please know that the rest of my house is quite organized!
To my dear friend Judy in Arizona....I promise your room will not look like this when you arrive!
To my dear friend Natalie at NorthShore Days....Thank you for the inspiration...I think I can make some jewelry just as soon as I have some space...and can find my supplies!
To my dear friend Terry at These Peas Taste Funny....stop laughing! And I am not a craft hoarder! (Okay, maybe I am!)
But.....I have issues........
Really bad issues!!!  (Don't judge!)
Yes, this is my craft  area.  It doesn't always look like this, but it has been this way for way too long!  See that bag hanging on the pegboard?  That's my fancy trash can!  All that stuff on the floor?  I had no where to put it!
Can you find the work table in this picture?  Everything on top of that is a project I'm in the middle of!  I don't work well in chaos. No wonder I can't seem to get them finished.  I even lost my cell phone in here one day.  Seriously...I was praying someone would call so I could find it!  (Terry, I told you to quit laughing!) all good addicts, I recognized that I had a problem.  I even had a solution:
(Yes.....even the sofa in my craft area was full of clutter and unable to perform it's duties properly!)
But, I found this cabinet on sale.  Now I know that it's made to go outside on your deck, but it was the perfect size and the price was right, so for now, it's a craft cabinet.
So.......I got to work.  All day.  I found all kinds of inspiration I didn't remember that I had!  Now I will remind you that I took a 12 year break from crafting and that most of these craft supplies have been stored away forever.  (That's my "craft hoarder" disclaimer......Terry.)
In a very short while, I began to see progress.....and my sofa!  I found a spot to put that new cabinet and was feeling pretty good now! 
Because I am trying to make friends with my sewing machine, I decided for the time being that all of my fabric and sewing supplies should be together.  They seem happier for the moment. 
I have a real, grown up girl trash can in my room now!  (Please note that this is the same area as the first picture in this post....really.....go ahead scroll back up!)  And a step stool....I'm short.
I have a clean desk top to work on with some bright light coming in from the window.  Did you even see the plant in that first picture?  I almost forgot I had one there!
And see that shelf up above the peg board?  Yeah...that's my jewelry making stuff.  I can get to it now Natalie and I'm excited!
Now my craft  area is much more organized.  I feel inspired again and.... can open your eyes now!!!! 
(Terry, I know you're still laughing!)
Have a lovely day!  As for me....I've got some crafting to do!



  1. Your organized space looks fantastic! Megan

  2. Oooh - I see all your beads!!!!I'm jealous lots.... I cant wait to see your creations. And your space looks great xxx Nat

  3. I love seeing you guys organize your craft areas. I have a large craft zone. It's called MY WHOLE HOUSE! I'd do something about that if I could find one spare minute!

  4. Bah ha ha ha,...yes, I'm not only laughing (still), but I may very well have peed myself. I cannot believe this transformation. It is worthy of that before and after site. Well I have to say that I am entirely impressed with what you've done with the space,....even though I am still laughing a little bit.

  5. There is a reason i changed my blog name to 'creative chaos' :-).
    dear danni this is priceless!!! what a wonderful, beautiful, amazing transformation! I anyway love before and after shots (they give me hope) and yours is just great! Such a gorgeous room.
    Also love the sleigh on the ceiling :-)
    hugs to you, thanks for brightening my evening xxx

  6. I love your post... you had me cracking up... I can so relate.. New follower... Just love it..


  7. Danni,

    With each post I become more and more convinced that we were separated at birth! I am actually an organized person too, but because I am sick at the moment, and because I don't have a craft room, my bedroom has become the landfill for all my crafting hoard. This isn't good because as I lay here all day looking at the mess it makes me crazy. Thanks for the inspiration to try to corral some of it. It will have to be in baby steps, but I can do it!

    Your "new" room looks terrific and I hope you have many happy crafting hours in it!