Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Good Day Sunshine and welcome to a new color in my decor.  (I'm kinda startin to scare myself here!)
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I wanted something to brighten my kitchen shelf and my day.  Now I am a fortunate girl.....I watch the sun rise every morning.  I'm an early riser and I love to watch the stars before daylight, so, I see all the sunrises too!  Yay! 
I was lucky enough to find a really ugly ceramic wall hanging on the discount shelf at "Big Lots".  Now, I forgot to take a before picture of it, but when you see the markdown count....just suffice it to say, it was really ugly!
So.....I sprayed it with some white primer.  I decided on primer for two reasons.....one, the surface was really slick and two, the colors were really bold and ugly! (Just trust me!)
I gathered up this stuff from my craft room area and went to work.
 Using the washable markers as ink, I colored the foam sun stamp with 2 different colors.
Now here is a trick I've used before and it works really good with washable markers and foam stamps......once you have it all colored the way you want, hold it close to your mouth and.....breathe on it a couple of times.  This reactivates the marker that may be drying on the foam. 
Because the surface was so slick, the marker didn't want to come off on the tile.  It did a little, but not enough.  Sooooo,  I started coloring it in with the marker. It was still so slick that the marker kind of puddled up in places and receded in other places.  I looked at this for a while and decided I kind of liked it.  It was something between an acid wash and sponge wear.  Anyway...I continued to fill it in.  I knew facial features were never going to show up well, so I colored them in too.
I wanted to add some words, so I remembered that my friend Judy told me a tip that was about to come in useful.  She said that when she wants to add writing to something that doesn't want to take ink or marker, she uses vellum.  I was about to do this, but then I wondered, what else might work.  I grabbed some orange floral ribbon and sure enough....it was kind of see-through.  I printed out the words in a couple of sizes in "Word" on my computer.  (Still longing for that Silhouette machine.) 
Sure enough, it showed through the floral ribbon just fine!  Thanks for the inspiration Judy!  All I had to do was stick it on with some double stick tape and add a few more pieces of ribbon.
Since I used double stick tape, I just stuck it on to the tile and now I have a great little sign in my kitchen! 

Here's hoping your day is filled with sunshine!

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  1. this is so cool! beautiful Danni! and another great tip (breathing on the color). I love how it looks alive through having the white in between.
    a day filled with sunshine to you!

  2. Cool tips with this nice project. I'm so jealous about you seeing sunrises, but I suppose there's no magic,..except getting my lazy butt out of bed, lol.

  3. Ohhh.. this came out great Danni! I love how the white shows through. So pretty L(

  4. Hi Danni, I don't know how ugly it was before but now it's really nice! Great job!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!
    I'm following you back!
    Hugs from Spain

  5. Danni,

    What happened to my little green loving girl? She is branching out into all sorts of color now! This is very sunny and happy looking, I am sure it adds to the decor in your Kitchen and reminds you to smie.

  6. What a great project and wonderful way to start each day!