Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Welcome to the second edition of Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday where a few of us like to make fun of ourselves!  This started out small, just 3 of us actually, but it seems that many bloggers have a great ability to make fun of themselves and rather enjoy it!  You might want to join in!
Seriously...are you checking out that image?!!  Those are pigs heads on that wreath!! (Thank you to  The Graphics Fairy for that glorious image!)  I'd be drinking too if that were hanging on my wall!  (Okay, I might be drinking with or without the pigs heads for an excuse.)  The theme of this months Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday is "Resolutions you didn't make, but should have, because they would have been easier to keep!"
Keeping that theme in mind, I should have made a resolution to  "make a craft out of anything"!   (Okay, maybe not pigs heads.)
But really, I have a sister...actually 5 of them, but this one in particular calls me a "craft whore".  She says I will make a craft out of anything.  Perhaps she's right....let's have a brief look shall we?
  Okay, in my defense here.....
  - that years pumpkin crop was awesome 
  - what else are you going to make out of a round propane tank?  I had to do something with it...having old propane tanks laying around is a sure sign of a meth lab here in Missouri!
  - those spools were free and I have some kick-a$$ projects  planned for those!
 But....let's look at a few more....
- Oh c'mon...tomato pin cushions are just ugly.
- That witch hand?  My most viewed post to date!
- OK, I'll give it....the jeweled bunny was a little out there. 
Hmmmmmm...she may be right, I will make a craft out of anything!
 - soap dispenser? My second most viewed post to date
 - creamer can? Hey...I put Halloween treats in it and gave it away.
 - fireworks gifts?  My niece and nephew thought they were awesome and they didn't care what they started out as.
 - the trim?  c'mon....that was going in the trash when I had the idea to use it for a little sign. 
 Okay....but isn't the term "craft whore" a bit strong?

My sister is right...I'll make a craft out of anything.....
That is a New Years Resolution I could have easily kept!
(But "Craft Whore"?  Really??) 
UpdateI did tell my sister that I was not a craft whore because I was not receiving any money for my projects.  Her response?    
"Then that makes you a craft slut!" 
I give up! 

Please be sure to visit some of these great blogs linked below to see their spin on this months theme.  I thank every one of these ladies for their bravery in joining us and for sharing their humor!
If you think you would like to join us for the next Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday, just let any of us know and when we're ready for another round, we'll get in touch with you and let you know the topic and date.  Most importantly, remember, it's all about being able to laugh at ourselves!  


  1. John says we're disgusting - you and I - that we've gotten completely out of hand -
    I'm laughing so hard I'm in pain!!!
    Great post Danni - you craft hussy you

  2. Oh, Danni! That is so funny! What a great post! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Danni...who knew that sweet face was hiding such a dirty little secret!
    Yeah, you are a craft slut.
    All the best ones are!
    I am totally jealous of your giant spools and I am a big fan of pumpkins- it's too hot here in October to put them outside. Rotting pumpkin stench? No, thanks. I want to move to a place that has four actual seasons! That witch hand was awesome.
    Loved this post.

  4. Wonderful dear Danni! So now we all know the truth about you :-)
    love this new series!

  5. This is TOO, TOO FUNNY, Danni!!!

  6. Since the antonym of craft is maladroitness, I think your "droitness" is levels above craft slut. Maybe you are the madame of craftiness?

  7. Lol !!!! Really, this was great, Danni ! And that witch hand is gross ;-) No wonder that is your most popular post - some days I am glad we do not have Halloween, just looking at all these weird stuff freaks me out! Thanks for the laugh, Danni xo

  8. Oh my goodness. I can only imagine the hits you are going to get on google searches using craft whore and craft slut :). Keep me posted...this may become your #1 rated post.

  9. I love you, you craft slut. You are so creative and this post has me chuckling. I'm glad because you painted your propane tank...you will not be thought of as a meth house.

  10. Ha Ha, Danni - great post! I have had many "what was I thinking" moments, but I don't take pictures of them. I should start. I am thinking of a large polka dotted nightie I sewed for when I was 8 months pregnant. I thought it was sexy. That was many years ago. I haven't made anything like that bejeweled bunny though. It's so awful that it's cute. Thank you!

  11. Chortle! I resemble those remarks...thanks for the laugh and the great roundup of your past ideas!

  12. You really don't miss a chance to recycle! I, for one, am impressed with all your projects. I'm looking at my recycling bins in a whole new light.

  13. Oh Danni... you are my kind of girl!! It's been a long time since I've had this good a laugh. You are priceless!!! Love this post!! I'm LMAO!!!

  14. So, the meth labs are disguising their propane tanks as painted pumpkins now that they've seen yours? That makes you a slutty, drug manufacturer accomplice. I admit to a large stash of things I think I may be able to make something of someday. At least you get around to actually making the crafts!

  15. LMAO!!! Your sister sounds like she'd be a hoot to party with! And next time tell her you're saving the environment by not contributing to the land fills...you use the garbage to craft with and make really sweet things that people actually like & use! That's my excuse anyway, you should use it too.
    I'm a new follower, I'm hear via Suzan at Simply Vintageous to check out your Tongue in Cheek post and I hope this lasts for more than this one time!
    Debbie :)

  16. Craft whore, really, seriously, that is a little bit strong, until I saw the be-jeweled bunny rabbit...
    It takes one craft whore to know another... nice to meet you!!!

  17. OMG Danni I'm rolling on the floor! rotf! Totally LMAO!

  18. LOL!!! Your sister knows you well. I need to know how many perverts are arriving at your blog when they google the 'ho word.


  19. Positively hysterical! And if all that craftiness makes you a whore then I say "you go girl - shake what you're momma gave you" (or something like that).

    By the way, I would've totally driven to another state to get those AWESOME electrical spools. So cool!


  20. Sisters, the only people who will tell you what they really think LOL. Maybe we should come up with obscure household items and set you a challenge. That would be fun xo

  21. Wow, this was fun!! What a great post and what a great writer!

  22. FABULOUS!!!!! OMGoodness - I heart you, you make me laugh so much! I think all are fab and let's go with Crafty Momma

  23. A sure sign of a meth lab! LOL!! I'm in Kansas.. aren't we a close second in meth production? ;) I say your crafts are fabulous. And I definitely would have crossed state lines for those spools!!!

  24. Hahaha - Love what your sister said!!! But truely girl - you amaze me with your ability to "see" the potential in every day items and then turn them into a fabulous project. Love this post xxx