Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Little Yellow Bird.....

So often I start a project and it morphs into something else.  Remember when I needed some small flowers on a Sunday and had to make my own?  Well, one of the projects I want to do involves needing a little yellow bird....I was thinking Goldfinch.  What I found were pastel pink mushroom birds. Ughhh.

Here was my next thought.......can I paint this bird?  So......I got out my paints, brush and bird book and gave it a try.  It didn't need to be perfect.... just yellow.  So here is the end result of my attempt at a yellow bird:

Here is what he looked like before in all of his  splendiforous pastelness......
I know the picture is fuzzy, but you get the idea.   If you decide to paint a mushroom bird the only advice I have for you is this....mushrooms are spongy and they want to absorb a lot of paint, so go slow and do a couple of light coats. Also, the dry time was a little longer than I expected.  Other than that, it was a piece of cake.
Back to my project....
I've been seeing so many beautiful projects that have yellow in them or that are yellow. Now yellow is a color I really like....but have avoided. Seems like in my younger days every kitchen in every house I rented was yellow as well as some of the bathrooms. There was a time that I just got rid of all/any yellow accessories and moved on. Now, I've fallen in love with yellow again and have been trying to figure out where to start.
A wreath maybe? A cork board? Flowerpot? A Frame?
The problem is....I don't even have much of anything yellow in my craft supplies. Now how did that happen? I have fabric, ribbon, paper, jewels, paint chips, markers and beads in every color but yellow. So.......a trip to some of my favorite stores was in order.  I picked up some fabric, beads, ribbon and flowers, all in shades of yellow. Bonus! I only spent $5 total!!  Which project am I going to do?  I think all of the above.   I'll be back tomorrow to show you the results of today's crafting. 

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  1. I have the same obsession with painting everything. Now you have me looking at $ store birds and thinking, hmmmm. ~ Maureen