Sunday, April 29, 2012

Award Remiss

I have been lucky and honored to get 3 awards and I have been remiss in passing them on.  I have been fortunate enough to receive these:

from Melissa at Serendipity and Spice and Natalie at NorthShore Days

from Randee at Randee's Organized Chaos,

from Allie at The Inspired Momma

I thank all 4 of these wonderful bloggers who inspire me all the time!

It is not that I am ungrateful......I am thrilled and a little overwhelmed! 
The first one requires you to choose 5 other bloggers to receive it.
The second one requires you to choose 10-12 bloggers to receive it.
The third requires you to choose 15 other bloggers to receive it.

I'm workin on it!  I want to do this right and I want to check out the other bloggers and make sure they don't already have these awards.  It takes some time.  However, I wanted to post that I'd received these because I don't want to keep a worthy blogger from getting an award.
Sooooooo.......give me some time and I will pass these on.  In the meantime...I am honored and I am workin on it!