Monday, June 25, 2012

Inspiration Cafe #4 Blind Date with Quilting

Hi everybody! Thanks for visiting the Inspiration Cafe this week. My name is Heather fromBeating Hearth and I am the contributor who's in charge of inspiring you all to sew. I pretty much do it all, from quilting to crochet to embroidery to pillow cases and clothes. So, hopefully I can inspire you a bit to try one of the stitching arts and get crafty with your bad self.
My Crew
I am the sole non-redhead in the bunch. Yes, you can cry for me. Today I am going to try and get all you folks who are non-committal (and with good reason as getting equipped to quilt can be spendy!!) about quilting, to make a quilt. Come on, I don't want you to fully commit and get married to quilting or anything, but maybe just go on a blind date with quilting. Just see if maybe it's something you might be a bit more interested in. Quilting is quite handsome (or beautiful), and fun, and smart. Maybe a little different from what you've done before, but once you quilt, you'll never go back.
This is what I want you to least it's the beginning of something I want you to make. These little beauties go by many different names, Hexies, hexagons, Grandmother's Garden, English Paper Piecing...but the great thing about them is you don't need much to make them. They're quick and easy to make and darn cute!  I am going to show you all the supplies you need and give you all the tips needed to create a beautiful and simple to make quilt. Please click here to continue reading... 


  1. Okay, you got me hooked but the link to read more isn't working at the moment. It says "not found". I have been wanting to try quilting's been years. Not that I have a lick of time for it, but stitching is part of my history, be it quilting, embroidery, etc. I also need to make some pillows, refinish some furniture, make some paper and fabric covered books and put the finishing touches on my living room, as well as so many other things. Do you also offer counseling for those who commit to too many projects? How about a class called "Quilting and Counseling, The fine art of doing it all?" Hee,hee...

  2. These are adorable. Can't wait to see the rest of the tutorial. :)

  3. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the hop and added myself to your followers! Also I’d love to have you check out a huge OSCAR DE LA RENTA giveaway I’m having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily

  4. I just awarded you The Sunshine Award


  5. It's a total secret that I like to quilt, and you're very informative!