Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Awesome Electric Skillet

So last night I decided to make some Johnny Cakes to go with the Jambalaya I was making for dinner.  I was going to post the recipe, and I will, but I realized that I just had to write about this seriously awesome electric skillet:
Don't laugh......this baby is THE Cadillac of electric skillets.  It was my Grandmother Baird's.  She was a sweet lady and apparently a great cook.  By the time I met her, she wasn't doing much cooking anymore.  After she had to move into a permanent care facility, my mother-in-law and I went over to clean out her house.  Neither of us needed any kitchen items, but I came across this electric skillet and decided to give it a try.  It's from the 60's.....seriously.  It looked brand new and still had the directions with it. 
Here's the's completely submersible, it's stainless steel and it comes apart and goes back together in like 1 minute:
Check it out!  I love this thing!  It was made by Hoover.  It does everything....not to mention it makes the best pancakes and fried chicken in the world!!  That lid design is the 60's funk, right?   Here are a few other great features of this culinary wonder:
Detachable Broiling Element in Lid

Tilt Mechanism in Handle for draining away oil/fat/grease.

Snap-down Lift & Hold Mechanism - splatter prevention and retains heat.

Snap-down Hinge - If you want to keep the lid open and attached.

Commonly-used temperature guide on side of handle.

Slide Out Warming Tray

I forgot to take a picture of the broiling rack insert, but it's got that too! I also forgot to mention the lid vent.  I've used this for about 17 years and it still looks great!  Clean-up is a breeze....I don't think I've ever had to scrub it.  Yes, it big.  Yes, it's heavy (hello...stainless steal).  Yes, it's avocado green.  NO........I would never part with it!  I know that electric skillets have kind of gone by the wayside, but this one is a keeper.  Grandmother Baird knew a good appliance when she saw it.  If you happen to see one of these at a tag sale, auction or thrift shop, you might want to give it a second look, it's a Cadillac in disguise! 

As for that Johnny Cake recipe......I'll save that for another post. (But they were delicious!)

Have a great day and if you have a Grandmother still living.....give her a big hug.


  1. Awesome frying pan! I had one in the 70's but it was not as grand as that one. ~ Maureen

  2. You are one lucky cook to have this thing! I use my electric skillet all the time, but it's not nearly as cool as this one.

  3. Isn't it funny how things that were made in the 50's and 60's held up so much better and seemed to do more than a lot of the junk produced today? This looks fantastic! Now I will be looking for one at every thrift store and garage sale I attend. Thanks for the fun post!

  4. dear Maureen
    In the good old times, factories had some engineers and specialists that made things to last forever. Now they have the same engineers to make things not to last more than five years.

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