Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm a Teacher Today!!!!

I'm teaching school today!  You didn't know I was a teacher did you??  Pop on over to Adventures of our Fami-Ly and see what I'm teaching! Here's a little sneak peek......

 If you haven't checked out Sarah's awesome blog yet, you are really missing a good time!  She's been running a series called Trade School where you can learn some new mad skills or sharpen your old ones. (I can promise you that I've learned some new tips and tricks I didn't know!)
Adventures of Our Fam-Ly

So head on over to Adventures of our Fami-Ly and check out what kind of teacher I am! 
(No spitballs and don't be late!!)


  1. Nicely done, teacher! I LOVE the wreath

  2. Super cute, I especially like the birds. :)

  3. Very good sharing, teacher. A wreath of spring look - fresh.