Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine Love From Someone Else

I'm still busy with renovation happiness.  The new windows are in!  The furnace guys have completed all of the new duct work under the house and in the attic (two places I have no intention of visiting),  my kitchen cabinets are finished and being delivered today.  But....I'm not posting anything about that today.  What I want to tell you is....
Carlene at Organized Clutter has done a fabulous guest post over at the Inspiration Cafe as well as another awesome Valentine project over at her own blog.   I love Valentines crafts...can't help myself.  I intend to try a variation of both of these crafts, but for now...go check them out and see if they inspire you!
Click here to see the finished project!
I cannot wait to try making my own "rust"!  You can do it to with stuff you already have at hand.  Go check it out and just try not to fall in love with the end result....
Click here to see how to make your own rust!
Carlene is always inspiring me in one way or another.  Thank you girl.

I'm turning my comments off for this them for Carlene!