Saturday, April 6, 2013


Today, I'm doing something I love to do.....knocking off a blog friends projectAlthough it was simple to make, this project has been waiting in the wings for a long time.

 My friend Linda from With A With A Blast, made an awesome candle gift last October and I was inspired to make one myself.  This is the pretty one that Linda made....
Cute, right?  As soon as I saw it, I emailed her and ask her if I could make one and post about it sometime.  (If you're going to re-create another bloggers project and post about it, the polite thing to do is get permission and give them well-deserved credit for inspiring you!)  
I recognized that plastic container Linda used right away.  Do you?  If not, you'll have to go HERE to Linda's post to see what it is, but...I'll bet most of you have had at least one and will probably get another, or two.  Any see through container with a lid will work. 
My original plan was for a Christmas candle, but now that "deck weather" is here, I decided to make an outdoor floating candle gift.
Small and Medium aquarium gravel
See-thru plastic container with lid
Floating Candle
Box Matches
Double-stick tape
Pretty Ribbon 
Brown Craft Paper & Button (not shown)  
This went together so fast and easy.  All I did was put the small gravel in the bottom, and a thin layer of medium gravel over that.  Then I sprinkled in a few beads for some sparkle.  Next, using double-stick tape, I fastened a piece of pretty ribbon around the outside.  My floating dragonfly candles came from Crate & Barrel but I'm beginning to see all kinds of pretty ones everywhere, now that summer just around the corner.
 I also "cuted up" a little box of matches to go along with this gift by just covering a matchbox with some brown craft paper then adding a ribbon and a button.
 Now... put the lid on it, give it to a friend and tell them, "Just add water."  A cute, fun, functional and easy gift, totally inspired by an awesome blogger, Linda at With a Blast!'

 Thank you totally rock!!

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  1. What a wonderful gift! And just in time for spring! I'm really partial to dragonflies and love making things with their theme! Great knockoff!!!

  2. First, I love it!

    Second, I had no idea I had to ask the original person. I generally just make something and give them credit (and a link) for the original. That is, I give them credit if I've not waited so long that I have no idea where the original idea came from. In that case, I just admit that fact and ask that the original maker let me know. I'll willingly change the post to give credit where it is due.

    Geez, you must have thought I was uber rude when I first started copying--okay, stealing--all your ideas! I steal so many...could I just give you a standing request for all your projects??? Please??? You overflow with great ideas. Now feel free to say no. I had to change my "about me" write-up recently to acknowledge that I break all the rules of blogging etiquette one or two at a time. I am a bad, bad blogger. Now, I've got to go add this to my admissions of guilt.

    By the way, can I steal this idea?

  3. I LOVE it - what a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the little bit of advice :)

    Hugs to you,

  4. That's a lovely gift, both you and Linda rock!

  5. Finally, Danni! As soon as I saw the picture, I remembered ;-) Geez, just this morning Roy bugged me again about whether I remember which one it was .. lol - you did an outstanding "knock-off" and I am really honored that you made something I from one of my projects! I love the "add Water spin" ;-)

  6. Very cute - love the dragonfly. I will have to go over to see what the secret container is - I don't recognize it.

  7. What a fun, easy and adorable project. I love that it was a knock off from a fellow blogger you admire. I am sure this gift will be greatly appreciated. Great job!

  8. This would make such a great hostess gift for outdoor BBQ's and parties! Thanks to both of you for the inspiration.

  9. What a great idea! It would totally be the perfect summer hostess gift and I'm sure Linda was so happy that she inspired you. Awesome job!

  10. First, great project, as always.
    Second, this is a test to see if I'm still a no-reply blogger.
    Third, you're inspiring!!

    1. Boo!! I am still no-reply, even signed in to WP account. :(

  11. What a great idea! It's so cute, who wouldn't love to receive this gift?
    Debbie :)

  12. You sound like you're with the blogger mafia. Knocking them off.


  13. This is really nice, and now I am headed over to see what the plastic container is... nice of you to link her post like that. :)

  14. That would be a lovely present to receive! Now that it's (slowly) getting warmer, I can imagine sitting out at dusk with flickering lights from a floating candle... a perfect summer hostess gift!

  15. So pretty and bright for the warmer weather!!! Dragonflies are one of my favorites. What lovely gift ideas from both you and Linda:)

  16. This is really cute Danni! What a great little gift for someone. I can just see it casting a warm glow out on a deck table with the stars and the sweet spring air. Very nice.

  17. What a great project..and I LOVE your dragon fly candles. But first things first....I need to eat a box of ferrero rocher...mmmmmm

  18. I love this idea...what a great gift! How fun! The dragon fly candle is adorable...I love the whole set! So glad you knocked off Linda..what a great share - Thanks to you both! :)

  19. I love your candle!!!! And its green! This is just the best idea Danni - I will have to borrow this idea too for when Spring arrives xxxx

  20. What a cute gift idea and the dragonfly puts it over the top. Love it!