Sunday, March 4, 2012

ReStore and The Boss of Me.

The Boss of Me spent Friday night and all day yesterday at my house.  This is always a good thing.  However, it pretty  much means I didn't get much else done!  In case you don't know, here is the Boss of Me:

Sometimes he looks like this.......

but he likes to save that kind of craziness for when we go out in public! (That was our local pizza hut.)  I love that he is totally uninhibited.  He is one of my 3 precious Grandchildren that live nearby.
A couple of weeks ago, he put on his headlamp and showed me all of the places I didn't vacuum under.  That was a big job. Yeah.

Yesterday he was Batman.  He didn't want a towel cape because he needed a white cape.  Don't ask me why.  So I offered up an old white sweatshirt and that seemed acceptable.  There was much "flying" down the stairs, which makes my dog Finn very nervous.  He has been the protector of Jacob since he was born.
So like I said, not a lot got done yesterday, but I did manage to make a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  They were having a sale.  I had a coupon.  Even the Boss of Me couldn't have stopped me from going.  Here are a few cool finds that will be transformed here at a later date.  First up:
It looks like some kind of outdoor light.  A lot of it is missing, but the glass is in tact and the metal frame has the coolest pattern.  I think I'm going to enjoy messing with this piece.
Another lighting find:

This was a solid brass outdoor light that still had all of the glass.  I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of these first because they were really nasty.  Obviously, there isn't a part of an outdoor light that bugs can't crawl into.  Ughhh.  But, both pieces are all clean now.  I plan to spray paint this brass one and reassemble it in a different way.  Neither will be a light when I'm finished with them.  Sometime.  Soon. 
Anyway, that was pretty much my Saturday and I wouldn't have traded it for the world.  When the Boss of Me shows up, craziness, fun  and silliness abound.  It's been that way since he was born and I hope it stays that way always.

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  1. What a fun visit!! He is so lucky to have you so close by. Family is so important. Thank you for stopping by Crafty Moms Share today. I am following you back. I hope you will join us for our Sharing Saturday and maybe even our knitted farm playmat swap.