Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Almost Spring at Silo Hill Farm

It's raining this morning at Silo Hill Farm and I'm thinking about spring. It is just around the corner after all.  Every season I take pictures around the farm just so I can see what changes from year to year.  These are some pictures of last spring near my creek.  The creek is called Sawdy Creek and it's unique in the fact that it originates on my in-laws property, runs all the way down the east side or our land and then dumps into another creek called Clear Creek.  So it really is kind of a family creek.  We love it.  It's just big enough for the kids to play in in the summer.  When we first bought this property, you couldn't even get to the creek.  When we were gutting the house, we used to take a break and work on hacking out a path to the creek.  Our long term goal almost 10 years ago was to make this area look like a park.  We are almost there.  The summer pictures which I'll show later are more park-like, but here is a little walk on at our creek last spring.

Here is the entrance to our creek area. I love it when the grass has started growing, but there aren't any leaves on the trees yet!
This is our picnic area.  We have a lot of parties and picnics here with family and friends. Unless it's just wicked hot, we always have a campfire too.

This is our beautiful creek in the springtime.  It has some small waterfalls....some natural....some man-made and some kid-made.  We all like to mess around in the creek!  

One of the first signs of spring around the creek are the May Apples.  W love them because it means it's almost time to hunt for Morel Mushrooms.  Yummmmm.

Another woodsy spring indicator....Trillium.  Aren't they exotic?

This is my favorite wildflower.  It's called Sweet William.  Maybe I like them because my own sweet son is named William.

This is a natural hedge arch on one of the paths along my creek.  Hedge is a crazy growing tree. You may know the hedge apples that grow on them, but did you know that this was the preferred wood of the Osage Indians for making bows? (Not the crafty kind...the hunting kind!)

These are violas...some people call them Johnny Jump-Ups.  They look like miniature pansies and we have a million of them along the creek in the  springtime.

This may be one of my favorite signs of spring of all....freshly plowed fields! This means arrow-head hunting too!  We find a lot of them.  I have about 3 bags full of arrowheads.  I can't resist cutting through one of our fields in the spring to hunt for them.  This was our corn field last year that we turned into a corn maze last fall.  We grow pumpkins too.
This is not the biggest, most complete nor the most beautiful arrowhead I've ever found by far, but is the rarest.  It's called a drill.  Maybe one of these days I'll post some more of my cool arrowheads.
Well, that was a little walk around my springtime farm.  Now I'm just anticipating this years spring and new pictures!  Hope your spring isn't too far away!


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    1. Absolutely! Come on over and don't forget your work gloves! Seriously though, working at the creek almost feels like play.

  2. Awesome pictures!!! Thank you so much for the follow and for letting me know I was featured on Wayward Girls!!
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    1. Why thank you! I'm not much of a photographer, but it's so beautiful there, the pictures seem to come out good anyway!