Monday, January 5, 2015


It's a new year. I haven't really made any serious resolutions.  I got a fitbit.  It's monitoring me and I'm monitoring it.  That's our relationship thus far, but I imagine it will grow into something more intimate as we become less weary of each other.
I didn't do a round-up of all of my popular posts for last year (although I've been inspired by some good ones already).  
I didn't pick a "word" for the year (although I've seen some inspiring ones out there).
The blog police are probably coming for me even as I post this.
Christmas has all been packed away and my house is barren of much of any decor.  *sigh*
I suppose the lack of personal touch is the most noticeable in my living room, so I thought I would begin post-holiday resuscitation there.
Since I moved from the country into town last May, I've been missing my woods and creek the most.  I decided to go with a woodland kind of theme to my living room, at least through the spring or until I'm tired of it or until actual moss grows in there.
I made this moss-covered frame as a holder for my little tillandsia, or airplant as they are more commonly called.  I started seeing them all over pinterest last year and found one for $4 on clearance.  It came in a glass ball, similar to this...
I had other plans for it.  It also came hot glued to some reindeer moss that had been spray painted bright red and glued to the glass ball with some of the most wickedly aggressive adhesive I have ever come upon.  I figured I would either kill the plant or break the glass ball getting that out of there, or both, but 24 hours and a half a bottle of "goo gone" later, it was free of it's ugly moss and the ball remained in tact. (I will admit to post holiday egg nog to calm my frustration.)
This project was a no-brainer.  It kind of went like this...
Ugly picture frame
Remove those metal things that hold the picture in from the back
Trace frame onto back of sheet moss
Cut it out and glue it onto the frame
Glue on some reindeer moss
Glue on some smooth river rocks to make a corner pocket for plant

That's about it.  Took about 45 minutes.
I hung it on my pallet shelf in the living room along with a birch vase full of faux pussy willows, an antler I found on the farm and a little candle that smells like cedar.  (Candles that smell like cedar are always an inexpensive score right after Christmas.)
You may recognize some of the components of this project from when I made this.....
Pallet Board Candlescape
If you want to know how to dismantle a pallet to make a cool shelf, you can see this post...
Pallet Shelf
......little bit creepy to see Halloween right now, isn't it? I should take a better picture of that shelf to use.
I'm kind of excited to be back to blogging because it's a great motivator and most of the inspiration for my house reno has come from all of the wonderful blogs out there.  (This means YOU.)  Thank you.  
I'm happy to say that as soon as the weather gets just a little better, I'll be picking up the back yard and patio projects. (This is going to make my fitbit very happy.)  We did get almost all of the landscaping block and gravel finished with the exception of the final layer of gravel and the capstone...which is just waiting for me.
I'm even happier to say that my dear friend Judy is coming from Arizona to visit me towards the end of this month.  She's nothing short of awesome and I can't wait.  I haven't seen her since August. 
Finally...I should mention that I realized that I have a lot of guest posts that I've done which have never published on my old blog.  I'm going to post them every now and then, so if you see something you think you've seen probably have.
Now I need to go do something so that my fitbit doesn't think I'm sleeping.

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  1. Hello! My friend! I'm so glad you're back. I love your moss covered frame with the air plant. I bought my daughter one of those plants for Christmas and I definitely like your idea of displaying it a lot better than just hanging in the ball with the atrocious colored moss. Red moss is just creepy. I want to hear all about the fitbit! I always wonder if they're worth getting?

  2. Hi Danni and Happy New Year! Guess what... I didn't write a post of my top posts for last year and I didn't pick a word.... I guess that means you and me will be in Blog Jail?? :)

    May I just say that I love your moss covered frame and it looks perfect on the pallet shelf! Beautiful work, my friend. Have a great week. Hugs!

  3. I love your phrase "post holiday resuscitation". My house is in need of that. One of my problems is finding all the stuff I removed to decorate for Christmas. I don't know where I put everything.

    I love your little air plant. I saw one at a cute little shop, but I wasn't heading home right away and didn't buy it. I think I need to go back to find one.

    Happy New Year

  4. Great to see you crafting and actually blogging on your site again, Danni! I've missed you here although we've been in touch through emails. Love the moss covered picture frame. I've been eyeing some "purple" moss trying to figure out what to do with it. Have a few ideas and this is so inspiring. Never took you for a fitbit kind of person. You can really surprise me in so many ways.

  5. I've never seen those little plants. How sweet! I love the moss covered frame, and it looks so great with the birch vase with those pussy willows. Very lovely and natual. I have no idea what a fitbit is, but I'm guessing it and me would not get along very well. lol.

  6. I received moss ribbon for Christmas and would be great to cover a frame. I am so glad to see you here. I want to know all about the Fitbit since our insurance has offered us monetary rewards for using one.

  7. That's so pretty! Great idea!

  8. Beautiful frame! My mom loves her fitbit.I can't wait to see your guest posts. Happy New Year!

  9. Very nice comeback post! I wish I could get sheet moss at a reasonable price up here. I went to buy it a Michael's and the price was atrocious. I remember those air plants from the 70's!

  10. So good to have another of your wonderful crafty ideas. Love this and have ugly frames up the wazoo. I'm still trying to find pretty cactus plants for the project you did last year, though. Wish me luck finding air plants. I've not seen anything in my stores.

  11. So happy to see you back! Love that woodsy frame. Though, I'll be honest, those little air plans and succulents kind of creep me out! They look like they're coming after me!

    :) Linda

  12. Good score on the tillandsia. I suspect that perhaps the merchant realized that they need to be dunked in water occasionally and securing them with industrial strength glue made that impossible? Bravo on saving this one. The moss frame looks perfect against the pallet. Definitely a woodsy vibe.

  13. Love the frame and the vase.. Love it all actually! And I had no idea that it was called an air plant.. I need to get one now :) Great project Danni! Hope it helps to bring back that woodsy feeling from the farm.

  14. This is the Blog Police.....come out with your hands up! A great project Danni. Happy New Year and glad to see you back.

  15. You need to do a round up of your own craft posts called "crafts in under an hour" !! Your moss frame is perfect for and after Christmas, woodsy look. I love it!!!

  16. So glad you are back ! Missed your humor ;-) Love the frame and actually the whole shelf set-up looks lovely ! Pinned !

  17. Hi! Found you thru Stephanies link up party! I love this quick spring project! Thanks for sharing and I'm so pleased to be following along for more inspiration!

  18. Dani! That is gorgeous. What a beautiful project. I totally agree, when the Christmas decorations come down there is a brief period of readjustment to the barrenness of colorful, festive's all a bit sad. This certainly helps!

  19. Wonderful ways to repurpose items, love your shelf idea and how you have it decorated. I had to laugh about your fitbit, I have to get up from reading blogs every now and then so I don't have to much of empty space on my chart :)

  20. I've never seen sheet moss - I want some as that frame looks so good.
    And what's a fitbit, is that like a pedometer, measuring the amount of steps you take ?

  21. I love your fame....that "woodsy" look would help make my home look a little less dreary during these cold, dreary, winter months!

  22. Oh Danni! You crack me up. I'm sure the blogging police got onto me after my dismal performance last year. I think you've made up for it with this lovely project. It's gorgeous! I'd love to make one for my outdoor area. Thanks so much for coming to Thriving on Thursdays last week. I'm featuring this at tomorrow's party. Hope to see you there again (or else I'll get those blogging police onto you LOL).

    Anne xx

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