Thursday, February 20, 2014

RENOVATION UPDATE #3...Primer Overload

I have "primer brain".  Seriously...I have laid more than 15 gallons of primer in the house we are renovating.  But worse than that...I have "sheet rock dust head".  Oh yes...I wore a mask, but really, that stuff gets everywhere and you can't help but breathe some. of rooms that have primer are I'll just share a few that might show you some of the more interesting stuff.
I'm starting with the bathroom because well...I'm so sore from priming that I really want to soak in my new bathtub.  It needs grout, but the tile is there.  You can see in the bottom picture that this is where the crazy long vanity with one small sink in it was.
This is where the two single sinks will go with the built in medicine cabinet/mirrors above...
 I'll remind you that we took one big bathroom and two big closets and made two bathrooms out of it all.   There is tile on the floor..needs grout, but we're getting there.
Let's move to the kitchen because my new cabinets are finally up on the wall and waiting for paint.
You can see that I opted for some oversized drawers and less cabinets below.  This was suggested to me by the cabinet makers wife.  Those drawers are rated for 100lbs each, so my dishes will fit in them. more reaching up for the heavy stuff.  She's a smart woman.  Also, you can see that bump-out in my wall which is where the microwave will go so it doesn't take up counter space.  Who do I have to thank for that brilliant idea?....Suzan at Simply Suzan. You can see her post about it HERE.
See that hole in the top of my kitchen ceiling?  That's for the stainless steel hood vent.  When we gutted the kitchen, we moved the stove over about 4 inches.  Turns out when the hole was cut to place the vent hood pipe....yeah...there was a joist there.  So...a new joist had to be built and put in before we could cut through the old one.  Some swear words were said.
Here is the other side of my kitchen with the pass through that is still giving me fits...
Really...I wish I had just sheet rocked that thing in.  Because that used to be an exterior is a little low.  Because it is a little low, I had to have custom counter tops made in order to accommodate my tile design.  Turns out those custom countertops were a little more custom than I had planned as some of the material was special order.  Now, I'm behind schedule.  I do not love that pass through.  I still haven't figured out what to do with it.  More swears have been said.  On the bright side, that doorway goes to my laundry room and, at the suggestion of a worker, it will be a swinging door.   How cool is that???!!! Lets look at a before pic of this kitchen.
You can see that I took out the soffits and the crazy 1/2 wall paneling.  I also moved the dishwasher to the left of the sink and the fridge to the right.  I totally eliminated upper cabinets on this side and opted for open shelving.  Also, we removed the ugly wood on the pass through from hell and just sheet rocked it. 
Here is the shower in the new master bath....
It's still a little dark in there.  I love that you can sit in this shower.  A tip from my plumber...put at least one row of tile on the outside of your shower walls.  He said he has had to replace more sheet rock on showers because they get water just outside the shower.  Made sense to me!
Remember this crazy arched window that was stupid expensive to replace in my master bedroom?
It's gone.  All new windows and now it looks like this...
I promise you my pocket book is happier now.
I stole the bedroom that had two windows in it for my craft room.  Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to put a desk/office area in that closet or make it be a closet again.  What do you think?
I'm still daydreaming about this funky family room with the low ceiling on one end.  It's all primed and ready for some paint.  I really need to make up my mind.
That is my dishwasher and stove sitting in there covered with plastic.  You can see all of the sheet rock dust on the floor by looking at the edge of the wall under the window where my butt sat while trimming with primer.  I swept it up twice before that.  No wonder my head is stopped up.  You can also see the pass through from hell in the picture on the right, as well as the entryways on each side of my kitchen.  Just another thing that makes me crazy.  Seriously...when you walk in my front door, this is what you see...two big openings.  One into the kitchen and the next one into the family room.
I think it makes me so crazy because the opening into the family room is bigger than the one into the kitchen.  It would be more aesthetically pleasing if it were the opposite.  I'm not changing it.
Speaking of the living has become our current break area...
See that card table and chairs?  That's about the only place in the whole house to set anything down on except my bathtub and no one would dare set anything on that.  I'm looking forward to getting some counter tops so everything doesn't have to be set on the floor. We had to empty the whole house out to get rooms ready to prime and all of it got put in the garages.  This is garage #1.  You can see the wide opening to garage #2 on the right of the picture.  That big blue dumpster is going away this week. Yay!
This is garage #2.  See all of the junk in the middle?  That is the old heating ductwork.  It is dangerously close to my beautiful white couch which is undercover just beneath the window. 
Yes, the new heating system was an unbudgeted surprise.  Swear words.  The old heating system was so inefficient that the sheet rocker guys mud froze overnight.  More swear words.  But we got a good one and it's a Cadillac when it comes to heating systems, so I'm glad for it. 
See that switch on the upper right of the unit?  It shuts the power off to the furnace so if it ever needs repairs, the repair man can just flip that switch and work on it without cutting power to anything else in the house.  It's the little things. is the other end of garage #2, which will be Sam's workshop.  I'm excited for him to have it.  It's a big space and I know he will be building me wonderful things in it! LOL!
Okay...I'm tired of posting pictures and really all that's left is the laundry room, a half bath, Jacobs room and an office.  All primed and ready for paint.  Consider yourself updated.  
Now, while I'm gearing up for a couple of weeks of painting and then moving, I'm going to let someone else take over my blog.  Yep...I've got an intruder coming to my blog and I'll introduce you to her next week.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, so stay tuned! 


  1. You are making some serious progress, Danni! I love your cabinets. It sounds like you are getting some excellent tips from lots of experienced people. That's wonderful. I can't wait to see your other rooms too.

  2. It's going to be fabulous Danni ( I think you made a far better choice with house than I did ) and I really like the over pass into the family room AND I like the slanted ceiling. A LOT. What about shutters on either side of the pass through - as though it's a window ( since it once was ).just for decorative purposes?
    I think I know who your guest is - I told she owed me one too if she did this for you LMHO !!!!!!!!!
    Oh and thanks for the shout out - but why why why are you still calling it a bump out - how gauche LMHO -it's a niche cherie - doesn't that sound more sophisticated? xoxoxox

  3. As an owner of a pass-through, I will tell you I am not a fan. It just sorta collects stuff. Love the style of the cabinets and the idea of drawers for dishes. Mine are so high I have to get a step ladder to reach them. You are not going away permanently are you!?! I will excuse you for several weeks to get settled in. Jealous of all that garage space. I would make Sam share. Enjoy your primer buzz!

  4. Just think of the muscles you are building in your arms with all that priming!! You are so close now. It seems like yesterday this all started and now you are moving. Great progress! Cheers.

  5. Sheesh, you have lots of work done and still to do ! But it has to be a wonderful experience ;-) Wish a new house was in my future, but apparently not. I would make that old closet a craft or office nook, unless you really need more closets?

  6. Wow Danni! You are really getting a lot done. I love how you've set up your new kitchen cupboards, and getting rid of those soffits was a great idea. It really opens up room. I've never had a pass through so I don't know how I feel about that. The swinging door to the laundry room would be awesome! I'd have to make that closet into shelving for craft room supplies so I could close it up when I want it to look neat, but I have seen a lot of lovely desk nooks inside closet spaces. We have one of those switches on our new furnace too, and it does come in handy. I'm sooo envious of all that garage space. I probably would have bought the house just for that. Oh... the possibilities for all that glorious space. Happy painting!!

  7. I love all the progress you are making! How exciting! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Dear Primer Girl-
    Beefy drawers in the kitchen are the bomb. So accessible.
    My reaction to your pass-through is that it would be a great place to yell snarky comments at individuals in your family room and then duck before they throw stuff.
    My 2¢ on the craft closet? I installed my desk & computer once in a closet of a bedroom I was using as my office. It looked cool but became claustrophobic after a short time. In my experience, a spot where you can hide away the ugly stuff is invaluable.
    Now I have to go configure a bump out, I mean niche for my microwave. Dang it, you guys. Mine is currently on top of my frig, one of my short friends affectionately refers to it as "The Great Microwave in the Sky".

  9. It's coming along!!! It'll all be like a dream before you know it. You'll love the deep drawers. We put them in when we built our house and I love them. Can't wait to see more!

  10. PROGRESS! I love everything so far. I am sure your days are long and exhausting but it's coming along so well. Love all the thoughtful considerations you have been making. How much fun. Kind of makes me want to tear something out so I can put it back together differently. Can't wait to see more.

  11. You have so many projects going on at once, wow! And that darn drywall dust. I find it hangs around somewhere (in the air?) and it lands months after the job is finished!

  12. Wow it's really coming along ugh the dust though killer. I have draws in my kitchen too and they really do hold heaps! Looking forward to meeting the mystery woman taking over the blog :)

  13. I can feel the excitement of your renovation in your expressions! Love the progress you've made and the transformation! You have some wonderful ideas going on and I can't wait to see the end results.

  14. You're going to love the base drawers. I did most of my base cabinets in drawers as well, and it's awesome!!

    I'm feeling your sheetrock/primer pain. I primed and painted the whole house and I was SOOOO sick of paint by the time I finished. Can't wait to see the painted cabinets. :)

  15. it has come a long way!! the drywall dust is the worst. It's going to look so good

  16. Holy cow!! Your renovation is so huge! Seeing it all in one post like this makes me realize just what a job you've taken on. (and makes my little kitchen redo seem minor) It is going to look fabulous when you're finished! It looks like you did a complete gut of that house...I guess it's the best way to get exactly what you want.
    Debbie :)

  17. I think the base drawers sound genius!!! I hate rummaging in my lower cabinets looking for something in the furthest corner. Love these updates. Can't wait for the big surprise next week!

  18. Even though sheet rock dust sounds awful and I'd be fed up of all that painting too, it's really coming along. I love the look of your new kitchen without any top cupboards on one side. I even like the opening, just because it opens up the space. As for the cupboard in your craft room , I would put a desk elsewhere and turn it back into a cupboard, you can never have enough storage. Good luck with the next couple of weeks !

  19. I know it's a mess but hang in there! You are going to love those drawers in your kitchen. I'm really jealous that you are going to have a laundry room! It looks so big! Here is my answer to your question - I would build out the closet in removable shelving so that it remains a closet with doors that can be closed. I think you would rather have a desk in the room rather than having your nose crammed into a little closet area. I can't believe you have used 15 gallons of primer! That's a lot of work, but it will make the painting much easier. I wish I could come help you. Be sure to save some money so you can take your trip to New Orleans when all this is done! Oh and about the dust up your nose - this is gross, but this is what I do...while I am in the shower I fill my hands with water, bury my face in my hands and inhale as much water up into my nose as possible and then blow it all out. This cleans out a lot of shit.

  20. I would keep that closet for storage and add a desk of some kind in the room. What's awesome to think is that you are now at rhe tail end of primer hell, and almost ready to move to painting bliss! Much more exciting, right? I love the storage drawers in your kitchen to eliminate reaching up for heavy dishes. It all looks so bright and spacious, Danni. I'm so excited for you both. You will have a craft room, hubby gets a work shop, Jacob gets his own room, and then there's the rest of the house!!! Can't wait to see more updates and look forward to your guest poster:D

  21. You're coming right along!!! I know it's a pain in the butt now but it's gonna be fabulous!!!~~Angela

  22. Wowza, lady! This is going to be QUITE the house when you're done! Oh, and renovations bring such wonderful collateral damage, don't they? It's never quite how you think it's going to be...

    Loving all of the changes you've made - and TWO garages! I'm so jealous.

  23. Wow! So much has been happening! I can see why you might be a little overwhelmed... tired and swearing.
    I love the drawers instead of cabinets! I have deep cabinets and stuff gets lost in the back. I actually like the pass through hole thingy.... you could put a pretty stained glass window or something, I love how it lets more light into the kitchen. Your bathroom is going to be spectacular! I love the shower with the seats.. nice.
    My favorite is YOU GET A CRAFT ROOM! I like the "idea" of a desk in the closet but would you really use it? I tend to always end up in a comfy chair in front of the TV doing my "desk" stuff. I think I would rather have a closet to store the "not so pretty" craft stuff. I can't wait to see how you organize the room. So much fun!

  24. Just keep telling yourself "it will all be worth it when it's done" over and over and over... I don't know how I missed this post - I think my blog reader doesn't work all that well. Thanks for sending me the link.


  25. And I am finding repainting my kitchen overwhelming! It will be all worth it when you are done!

  26. I've got two formerly outside windows in my kitchen. They do brighten it up, but really mess up design plans. The last owner built some beautiful wide pieces that just straddle the space and give me shelves. Does that make sense? Hope so. One has my television and the other holds thing I'd otherwise have clogging the counter.

    Everything looks great--even that pass-through--from here.

  27. This has been a lot of hard work but the end result will be great! I wouldn't worry about one opening being smaller than the other. You can easily balance them by adding something decorative to either side of the more narrow opening. Hang in there. You are on the home stretch!

  28. I like the old window in your bedroom, Danni, but I love the replacement even more. You’ve been up to various projects, and it’s nice to see your progress along the way. Well, I hope you’ll be able to finish your renovations as soon as possible. By the way, do you have a glass door in your bathroom? Or it was just my imagination? Hehe! Thanks! :)

    Lynne Hollaran

  29. That was a lot of work! But I think it wasn't a big issue for you, since you got through this stage in a timely manner. Once it gets painted, all you have to think about is how you will decorate it. Anyway, I wanna see more of the progress. Any updates?

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing


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